Benchtop timers, countdown / countup, Prisma series

Koda: 9260179*LLG
Proizvajalec: LLG
Benchtop timers, countdown / countup, Prisma series
Prisma 200: ABS plastic case, Large, easy to read LCD display, Stopwatch function, Normal time display, Selectable time resolution 999mins., 59 secs. or 9 hrs., 59 mins., 59 secs., 1/10 sec., Loud audible alarm, 2 channels with start / stop operation, either separately or together.

Prisma 400: Generally as Prisma 200, but additionally with:, Sequence programming, Function window, 4 channels.

Both models: Temperature Range: -10º to +55º (in use), -20º to +60º (in storage), Battery Type: AA (R6)
Manufacturer:Hanhart 1882 GmbH
Article description 1:Benchtop timers,LCD-display,acoustic alarm
Article description 2:programmable procedure