Cold traps with Dewar flask, borosilicate glass 3.3

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Cold traps with Dewar flask, borosilicate glass 3.3
Cold traps with Dewar flasks are made from 3.3 DIN/ISO 3585 borosilicate glass to hold LN2 for vacuum applications. The flasks are vacuum insulated and silver-plated. They are encased in metal sheet, blue coated for protection and have a plastic ring collar, into which the cold trap is inserted. Thus no additional support is needed for the cold trap. The Dewar flask has got a theoretical coolant capacity of 1.0L or 2.0L respectively. The cold trap has got a theoretical condensate capacity of 150ml or 250ml respectively.
Items supplied: Cold trap, Dewar-flask, plastic ring.

Dewar type 12C/18C: see no. 9.032.024 / 9.032.030
Versions Cold trap joints:
S29 = spherical joints
GL18 = glass screwthead with PTFE olive 10mm
O 29 = spherical joints S29 with O-ring seal

The standard assembly is designed for use with LN2 as coolant. When using CO2 and acetone please order CO2 grid separately (Dewar Type 12 C Cat. No. 9.032 081 and Dewar Type 18 C Cat. No. 9.032 082).
Manufacturer:KGW Schieder GmbH
Article description 1:Cold trap KFL 29-K
Article description 2:complete with dewar flask 18 C
Article description 3:and plastic ring