Biofuge® Stratos high-speed, bench centrifuge

Koda: 9945690*LLG
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Biofuge® Stratos high-speed, bench centrifuge
High-performance, universal high-speed, bench centrifuge with max. capacity 180 ml. The Biofuge® Stratos accelerates to 50000 xg in just 30 seconds. A built-in spindle drive allows a wide range of rotors to be accommodated, such as fixed angle, microlitre and swing-out rotors, even at high speeds. The high imbalance stability of the drive ensures maximum longevity and extreme reliability. The 'Easycontrol' user interface guarantees simplicity of use. Frequently used procedures can be retained in the on-board memory. With safety lid lock. An excellent range of accessories is available, including a choice of 10 rotors and numerous adapters for all conventional containers. If you have any further questions on the rotors and accessories, please contact us.
Manufacturer:Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Kendro)
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