Ice buckets and pans PolarSafe™, PS

Koda: 6281565*LLG
Proizvajalec: LLG
Ice buckets and pans PolarSafe™, PS
These polystyrene buckets and pans are produced with thick walls to provide rigidity and strength, and yet are very lightweight. Perfectly suited for use with ice, dry ice and slurry ice. Even liquid nitrogen can be stored in these containers. All products provide excellent insulating properties to help keep temperature sensitive samples safely chilled. PolarSafe™ buckets come with snug fitting lids to minimize evaporation loss and to maximize cooling. They feature easy-grab knobs on each lid and prominent recessed handles to facilitate transport. The pans, without a lid feature unique gripping ridges and pour spouts to facilitate the disposal of cooling agents.
Manufacturer:Cole-Parmer Ltd. (Argos)
Article description 1:Ice Bucket 4L, blue
Article description 2:PS, rectangular