Alkaline detergent, neodisher® Alka 300

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Alkaline detergent, neodisher® Alka 300
Mild alkaline liquid cleaning agent for use in special washing machines.
neodisher® Alka 300 is mildly alkaline and removes blood, protein residues and organic residues.
Instrument steel, chrome nickel steel, chromium-plated and nickel-plated materials, pure aluminium, aluminium-magnesium alloys and ordinary plastics are not affected. Suitability tests should be carried out before use in the case of special instruments, e.g. optical instruments or anaesthetic and respiration materials, as well as anodised aluminium.
neodisher® Alka 300 can be used with any level of water hardness, but should generally be used with softened water for reasons of economy.

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Manufacturer:Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert
Article description 1:neodisher® Alka 300, 25 kg canister
Article description 2:special cleaner liquid with disinfection