Controller package Pirani

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Controller package Pirani
Controller package fine vacuum with CVC 3000 and VSP 3000 for KF DN 16 or 25

The packages enable convenient vacuum control in the fine vacuum range down to 10-3 mbar and consist of a CVC 3000 vacuum controller, a VSP 3000 external Pirani vacuum sensor, a VV-B 15C in-line solenoid valve and all necessary small flange components. VACUUBRAND offers two packages, one with small flanges KF DN 16, suitable, e.g., for the VACUUBRAND RE/RZ 2.5 to RE/RZ 6 rotary vane pumps or RC 6 Chemistry-HYBRID pump; or select the small flange KF DN 25 version suitable for our RE/RZ 9 to RE/RZ 16 rotary vane pumps.
Manufacturer:Vacuubrand GmbH & Co.KG
Article description 1:***after clearance sale no longer available***
Article description 2:***replacement 9880866***
Article description 3:Package for fine vacuum control