Vacuum measuring instrument DCP 3000 with Pirani sensor VSP 3000

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Vacuum measuring instrument DCP 3000 with Pirani sensor VSP 3000
The Pirani-type vacuum sensor VSP 3000 offers an outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical robustness for fine vacuum measurements. It is primarily designed for applications in chemistry and process engineering.
The vacuum gauge DCP 3000 is now also available with this new Pirani sensor VSP 3000 for an increased measuring range down to the 10-3 mbar range. Up to eight external gauge heads (four of ceramic diaphragm-type VSK 3000 and four VSP 3000) can be connected simultaneously to the DCP 3000 vacuum gauge for easy measurements at multiple points. Communication between the DCP 3000 and the external components is provided by the especially developed bus control system VACUU·BUS®. It is self-configuring, easy to use due to standardized plug connectors and allows cable extensions up to 30m. The large illuminated display, controlled by a simple jog wheel, displays the readings from each gauge head.

Performance features
  • brand new rugged vacuum sensor VSP 3000 made of plastics and ceramics with high chemical resistance
  • wide measurement range from atmospheric pressure to fine vacuum (10-3 mbar) due to Pirani measurement system (thermal conductivity)
  • upto 8 gauge heads VSP 3000 (Atm. to 10-3 mbar), VSK 3000 (Atm. to 0.1mbar) can be connected ( 4 of each)
  • rugged, splash-water proof vacuum sensor, also for rough operating conditions
  • with vacuum controller CVC 3000, VSP 3000 and vacuum solenoid valves of type VV-B vacuum control from atm. to 10-3 mbar is achieved
Manufacturer:Vacuubrand GmbH & Co.KG
Article description 1:Vacuum gauge Set DCP 3000
Article description 2:complete with cable and sensor VSP 3000
Article description 3:100-230V/50-60 Hz, CEE