Centrifugal and Pressure Unit Vivacell 70

Koda: 9049730*LLG
Centrifugal and Pressure Unit Vivacell 70
Vivacell 70 is a disposable ultrafiltration unit for the concentration of samples between 10 ml and 70 ml and can be used either in a centrifuge or for pressure filtration. Vivacell 70 thus combines the ease of use of centrifugal devices with the flexibility and control provided by pressurized ultrafiltration cells. Vivacell 70 is easy to assemble, requires no tubing connections or stirring mechanisms and can be adapted to equipment availability or to specific user preferences. For convenience, the units are simply spun in a large capacity centrifuge (carriers accepting 250ml bottles). The concentrator features a vertical membrane that minimizes fouling, while the built-in deadstop of 150 µl will prevent concentration to dryness.
Manufacturer:Sartorius Lab Instruments
Article description 1:Replacement: VC1011
Article description 2:Vivacell 70 concentrators
Article description 3:pack of 2, 5000HWCO, with 2x250ml bottles