Water jet pumps, PP

Koda: 9303125*LLG
Proizvajalec: LLG
Water jet pumps, PP
With constant ultimate vacuum, high suction flow rate and very low water consumption. Can be connected to mains water system in a number of different ways using the adapter supplied and reducing adapters that are available as accessories. For continuous use at temperatures up to 80°C max. High chemical resistance as the media being pumped only comes into contact with PP, FKM and PTFE. Integral non-return valve increases safety.
Comprises: Water jet pump, including:
Mains water connections: R ¾" sleeve nut, R ½" reducing adapter and flexible tubing connection (nozzle) with external diameter from 10mm to 12mm.
Vacuum connection: Detachable nozzle with external diameter from 6mm to 9mm and GL 14 screw cap.
Manufacturer:BRAND GMBH + CO.KG
Article description 1:Water-jet pump,PP,ultimate pressure : 16 mbar